Total Value of Real Estate in Toronto

There has been a lot written about the housing bubble, the average home price in Toronto and the rest of Canada.  I thought it might be fun and useful to try and calculate the implied value of all residential real estate in Toronto.   My methodology will only give a very rough estimate as there are a lot of unknowns due to unavailability of Statistics.  I’ve used stats from Statistics Canada and from the Toronto Real Estate Board to calculate the following figures.

Detached Homes in Toronto = 820,895  X  Average Selling Price of Detached homes $1,068,670 =  $877,265,859,650

Townhouses in Toronto =  281,795 X Average Selling price $617,000 = $173,867,515,000

Semi Detached homes = 147,600 X Avg. Price $728,814 = $107,572,946,400

Condos/Apartments = 662,285 X Avg. Price of $442,598 = $293,126,016,430

So, the total “value” of all housing in Toronto is about $1.5 Trillion Dollars.

This figure approaches Canada’s entire GDP of 2.39 Trillion CAD.  It is nearly 5 times Toronto’s GDP

It’s about half the market cap of the Toronto Stock Exchange at $2.78 trillion.


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