Canadian Stock Brokers

If you’re an investor in Canada, you will almost assuredly need access to a Stock Broker to help you fulfill your stock orders.

Self directed investors with less than $600K to invest will likely want to use a low-cost online brokerage for their stock, option, mutual funds and forex currency trading.   Since the vast majority of Canadians fall into this category and since most Canadians are comfortable using the internet (including the readers of this website), we will focus almost exclusively on Canada’s many low cost online brokerage firms.

To help you find a reputable online brokerage that will meet your needs, we are going to review every online stock broker in Canada and compare their various fees, services and features.

Stock Broker Reviews

Reviews Coming soon

In addition to general reviews, we will also try to review brokerages by different categories to help you find a broker that will meet your specific idiosyncratic needs.  See Our Review Hub for a complete listing of these articles